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What I Do


When you're not quite sure what direction to go in or what's the next step, I help generate ideas and get the ball rolling in the right direction.


With over a decade's experience developing websites I know how best to build them, making sure they have a good UI and are SEO friendly.


Got the idea, but don't know how best to get there? I'm big on problem solving and help find the solution and create the path to the finish.


How the whole thing comes together - I use the right tools to get the job done and give guidance on scalabilty and operability.

Hello, I am Richard Holland...

I'm a Technical Architect and Front End Developer living in the UK. I have worked on projects for the likes of Virgin Atlantic, BBC and Cancer Research UK, and am currently working as a Digital Solutions Architect at Age UK, the UK's largest charity for older people.

Keep in Touch with me

I love to hear from new people - if you've got an idea and need help bringing it to life, get in contact.